At Broan-NuTone we believe every inside breath should be just as fresh as an outside breath. That’s why Broan-NuTone creates home air systems to eliminate contaminants, control moisture and optimize temperature. For 85 years, Broan-NuTone has been dedicated to improving the air at home. So that every single one of those 25,000 breaths is a healthy one. So that every breath in your home feels like a breath taken outside. Come Home to Fresh Air.

  • Overture™ Smart Plug

    The Overture™ Smart Plug activates your homes fresh air system when there is a rise in indoor air pollution. 

  • Overture™ Smart Air Quality Monitor Room Sensor

    Overture™ Smart Air Quality Monitor Room sensor monitors for pollutants that contribute to poor IAQ, then signals a linked Wall Control to turn on the nearest ventilation fan.

  • Overture™ Small Wall Control

    Overture™ Small Wall Control senses for poor indoor air quality and alerts the homeowners to it by changing colors, then automatically turns on the connected ventilation fan.  

  • Overture™ Room Sensors and Wall Controls

    Here’s how Overture™ Room Sensors and Wall Controls monitor for indoor air pollution and then turn on the connected bath fan or range hood while simultaneously turning on the home’s Fresh Air System via the Smart Plug.

  • Room Sensor, Wall Control, and Smart Plug

    Overture™ is comprised of 3 modules: Room Sensor, Wall Control, and Smart Plug, and is controlled by a mobile app.

  • Overture

    Fresh, clean air is essential to a healthy home. So, we've created the first, fully and easily integrated cloud-connected whole home indoor air quality monitoring and ventilation system. Overture automatically engages the homes ventilation systems to eliminate polluted air while simultaneously bringing in fresh, clean air from outside via the homes fresh air system taking that vital task off of the homeowner’s hands.


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