You’re a drywall finishing pro.

Drywall corner beads are just one part of your job, but can be one of your biggest sources of frustration. They take a ton of time, and can be irreparably damaged.

One day, you try vinyl corner beads from Trim-Tex. You learn about how even extreme impact can usually be repaired with a five-minute mud patch. You take the leap — and ever since, your frustration has been transformed into efficiency.

  • Corner Bead

    Why use vinyl corner beads? They’re more durable, more flexible and more sustainable (each Trim-Tex bead is made from at least 70% recycled materials) than their steel counterparts — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Trim-Tex’s standard Corner Bead & Archway is our touchstone for finishing 90-degree corners, while the bendable archway variety is the perfect choice for curved surfaces.

  • Chamfer Bead

    A popular style among architects, finishers and interior designers alike, Chamfer Bead gives your corners a modern look with crisp lines and stark shadows. The bead’s larger, 1 ⅛"-wide chamfered edges can soften any room, and is available in an easy-to-flex archway version to handle openings of any shape.

  • Fast Edge®

    Fast Edge® could be the most advanced 90-degree corner bead Trim-Tex has ever made. Made of laminated paper over a vinyl core, the bead’s patented mud locks keep the corner held firmly in place without the need for staples or adhesives. Fast Edge gives you a quicker finish — while using the least amount of joint compound — over any other solution on the market.


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